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Gas Cylinder Safety

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Bringing over 25 years of on-site training online, the IGS Gas Cylinder Safety Course goes into detail regarding everything you need to know about safely handling, using and maintaining Gas Cylinders. Whether you're an experienced professional, or an apprentice working around or with Gas Cylinders, this course will provide you with the knowledge required to ensure that risk is minimised at all times. On completion of the course, you will be given two opportunities to pass the course test. Should you receive a mark of over 80%, you will be issued with a certificate* showing that you have successfully completed our course.

Who needs this course?

This course is intended for anyone who works with, supervises people who work with or anyone who may come into contact with gas cylinders or any other similar pressurised equipment. It is important to have a good understanding of pressurised containers and to be aware of their contents in order to minimise the risks. It is also crucial to know how to respond if a gas cylinder ever becomes unsafe to with with or around.

What will this course provide?

Our Gas Cylinder Safety Course will provide you with an understanding of exactly what gas cylinders are, their properties and the potential risks associated with them. The course will then provide you with a the knowledge of how to properly handle pressurised containers, assess and reduce the risks when working around them and demonstrate what to do if you ever encounter a defective gas cylinder. At the end, subject to passing of the course test you will be issued a certificate* proving that you have completed our course.

What will we go over?

  • We will cover the importance of the requirement to risk assess and how to risk assess cylinder gas usage
  • We will go over how to identify the potential hazards associated with gases in cylinders and to rate the associated risks
  • We will cover the four different types of gas which a cylinder may contain and their differences
  • We will cover the chemical characteristics of gases (oxidants, inert, flammable, toxics, corrosives and pyrophorics)
  • We will cover what to do if a gas cylinder ever begins to leak
  • We will cover the differences between the role of a regulator and a mass-flow controller
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*Disclaimer - this does not verify that your workplace, yourself or your colleagues have been certified by ourselves personally, and we cannot accept responsibility for any accidents or incidents. We are solely verifying that you have completed our course.