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Cryogenic Safety

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Bringing over 25 years of on-site training online, the IGS Cryogenic Gas Safety course goes into detail regarding everything you need to know about safely handling, using and maintaining Cryogenic Gases. Whether you're an experienced professional, or an apprentice working around or with Cryogenic Gases, this course will provide you with the knowledge required to ensure that risk is minimised at all times. On completion of the course, you will be given two opportunities to pass the course test. Should you receive a mark of over 80%, you will be issued with a certificate* showing that you have successfully completed our course.

Who needs this course?

This online course will be useful for anyone working with or around, directly or indirectly with Cryogenic Gases. Whether you are an experienced professional or an apprentice you will be provided a much greater level of knowledge regarding safely handling, storing and maintaining equipment with relation to Cryogenics. Our customers tend to use our online courses as a 'refresher' of sorts after having taken on-site training in the past, and we'd be inclined to agree this is a good use of the platform.

What will this course provide?

This course will provide you with a greater knowledge of how to safely use Cryogenic Gases, store them and properly maintain the equipment related to these tasks. It will provide the knowledge required to follow legislative requirements surrounding your use of cryogenic gases. It will also cover the appropriate PPE required in order to minimise injuries should there be any incident, as well as things such as cold contact and cryogenic burns. At the end, subject to passing of the course test you will be issued a certificate* proving that you have completed our course.

What will we go over?

  • We will cover the basics of what a gas is, with notes on subjects such as what is the air composed of
  • We will cover the legislative requirements regarding gas safety and the standards you must adhere to
  • We will cover the specifics of subjects such as Air Separation and Helium Production
  • We will cover the properties of cryogenic gases and how best to store, maintain and handle them
  • We will cover issues such as cryogenic burns, cold contact and the PPE required to avoid injury
  • We will cover risk assessments and how to minimise the risk behind using cryogenics
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*Disclaimer - this does not verify that your workplace, yourself or your colleagues have been certified by ourselves personally, and we cannot accept responsibility for any accidents or incidents. We are solely verifying that you have completed our course.